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Updated: May 5, 2021

When we started Emergency Medical and Training Group Ltd in 2017, we had the desire to provide training of exceptionally high standard. We wanted to move in a new direction and provide training that was not offered (or offered infrequently) anywhere else in the UK. This started by becoming an American Heart Association International Training Centre providing high quality AHA courses to nurses and physicians either moving to the US or gaining employment with American companies all over the planet. Next we acquired our NAEMT training centre status and started to teach PreHospital Trauma Life Support, Advanced Medical Life Support and Geriatrics for Emergency Medical Services.

We then forged a partnership with the School of EMS (SOE) in the USA to provide an accelerated bridge program to allow HCPC registered Paramedics gain their NAEMT Paramedic registration. In order to expedite this venture we set up a sister company, International Paramedic Careers and Development with Professor Andy Newton. We have worked diligently with the SOE, NREMT, the State of Texas and Florida to accelerate successful candidates' work visas and employment opportunities with some of the largest ambulance services in the US. This will allow UK Paramedics the opportunity to operate in either urban, rural or frontier EMS environments in the USA.

At Emergency and Medical Training Group Ltd we work on a simple premise ;

"do not follow the crowd."

Our Values are as follows:

· We believe that EMS is a distinct and essential service to the public and a fundamental component of our nation’s emergency response and health care systems.

· We believe that all patients deserve high quality and safe medical care delivered by qualified EMS professionals.

· We believe that all EMS professionals deserve a safe, healthy and respectful work environment.

· We believe that EMS is uniquely positioned to support our nation’s healthcare transformation by assessing, treating and navigating patients to the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

· We believe that collaboration within the EMS profession and within the larger healthcare community is essential to addressing the key challenges in delivering high quality EMS.

· We believe that all EMS professionals deserve adequate and equitable compensation.

· We believe that professional education, national education standards and research are essential to the consistent delivery of high quality, evidence-based EMS.

· We shall represent the views and concerns of all EMS professionals regardless of delivery model.

· We shall conduct all EMTG business with integrity and transparency and adhere to the ethical standards of our profession.

If you are looking to learn, looking to be challenged, looking to be pushed and looking to expand your horizons you have arrived at the right place. We look forward to meeting you.

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