We are EMTG and all we do is train..

At EMTG all we do is train hospital and prehospital professionals. We are not an add on to a private ambulance service or event company. Our instructors are sourced from some of the best EMS instructors in the country with decades of experience both on the road and in the classroom. We invest in them so that they are kept abreast of all the latest evidence-based medicine in relation to the subjects we teach but they are also trained on the latest evidence- based teaching strategies too.

We take a profound pride in what we do. We strive "to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives." (Courtesy of the American Heart Association).

We don't just teach how, we also teach why. As so often is the case it is not so often about being able to perform the skill or administer the drug, but when to and perhaps even more importantly, when not to. We do not teach about things we have read in a books, what we teach we have seen and done. The strength of our faculty lies in their diversity of their EMS backgrounds. We truly have a faculty with experiences from both at home and abroad, from ground to the air, from hovercraft to bicycle and the list goes on........

The following goes out to all of those thinking about taking the PHTLS Hybrid course with us. The pathophysiology that lies behind the blood and the pain of the trauma patient. As has been said before,

"you can beat the traffic laws every once in a while but you will never beat the laws of physics." The same holds true for hypo-perfusion in the trauma patient. Learn or re-acquaint yourself with the latest strategies to halt shock in its path and perhaps even reverse it to some extent. We hope that you will join us on one of our PHTLS courses soon..

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