"Visual Assessment of CPR is Neither Reliable or Accurate"

"Accurate assessment of CPR skills is critical to helping learners to improve performance. Prior studies demonstrate that the visual assessment of CPR quality is neither reliable or accurate, making it challenging for instructors to provide consistently meaningful feedback during CPR training. Feedback devices address this problem by providing objective feedback to learners and instructors during practice. CPR feedback devices can be grouped into 2 categories: corrective feedback devices (eg, visual display of depth) and prompt devices that provide an auditory tone for the provider to follow (eg, metronome).......The use of corrective feedback devices during training results in improved skill retention at 7 days to 3 months after initial training compared with learners trained without a feedback device."


Part 6: Resuscitation Education Science

2020 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiac Care

We educate all our learners on CPR feedback manikins from infant to adult because we truly believe that "poor quality CPR is a preventable harm." At EMTG we offer teamwork and leadership training high-fidelity manikins, in-situ simulated training, gamified learning, because they enhance resuscitation training and improve learning outcomes.This is just some of the innovative ways we are teaching our students. Take a look at these videos and see the Brayden Pro Infant manikin and the Brayden Pro Adult manikin in action. We are building the future in EMS education.


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