The devil is in the details.....

Have you ever witnessed the evidence-based medicine top trumps game? This is when you have 2 (normally registered) EMS professionals engage in a display of one-upmanship over who has read the latest (and often most obscure) scientific article in order to establish intellectual dominance over the other.

Evidence based medicine in our line of work is essential. It is touted from the loftiest of ivory towers to the mud and blood drenched street provider. How often do we trot out the mundane, boring evidence? The stuff that really makes a difference. Take CPR for example. The evidence is there, we know what we don't do well, we know how to fix it and we know the most efficient education delivery methods yet we still chose to ignore it. Like re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic we will debate the most obscure evidence-based medicine while ignoring the 800lb gorilla in the room. We need to go back to basics, make sure that we get them right before we engage in loftier academic pursuits. We have turned our back on the biggest killer in the country. It's time we faced up to our shortcomings, addressed them and regained mastery of our prehospital realm. We ignore this basic premise at our peril.

We provide visual and audio feedback for learners in all our FREC, BLS, ACLS and PALS courses. We use both the Brayden Pro adult and infant manikins. Every learner gets instant feedback during practice and debriefing with their CPR metrics by our instructors immediately afterwards. You cannot improve upon that which you don't know.

It's high time you expected more from your training provider because your patients will.

"Poor CPR is a preventable harm."

American Heart Association

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