Some great patient assessment charts

These will be of interest to those FREC 3 & 4 students especially. Patient assessment is so important. The primary assessment is probably one of the hardest things that new students (and many old unfortunately) grasp. An ordered primary assessment is essential and the only way to do it well is to practice practice practice......................

It requires strict self control and discipline because so often there is so much going on around you including such distractions as environmental challenges, noise, blood, vomit, dynamic scene safety, bystanders, patients crying out in pain, violence, differing agencies and the list goes on and on. What seems like a simple CABCDE on paper quickly changes when confronted with it in a simulated or real life situation. Paul Kat feel free to jump in here anytime? A little comment on preferences and principles would probably be appropriate.

AMLS Mobile Reference Guide
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