Prehospital Intubation. Go not gently into that dark night.....

In a general culture where the reduction in Paramedic scope of practise seems to be declining there still remain beacons of hope. The demise of Paramedic prehospital intubation in the UK seems to be growing at an ever accelerating rate. Its substitution with the SGA is on the rise. The reasons for this are manifold, varied and complex and will not be discussed here. Intubation was adopted into prehospital practise from the hospital environment decades ago under the auspices that it works well here, why wouldn't it work well out there? Never a good rationale for any intervention especially one where the stakes are so high and that is fraught with complexity and risk. I would venture that we as Paramedics we are partially culpable for the gradual loss of this intervention.

The VieScope facilitates placement of an endotracheal tube into the trachea by providing an improved view of the glottic opening. It is more "bougie introducer" than laryngoscope and is often used when traditional intubation techniques have failed. The following article published in EMSWorld makes for interesting reading.

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