"Poor CPR Quality is a Preventable Harm." (Part 1)

This statement came from the AHA 2018 Education statement.

And at EMTG this is how we addressed it in all our FREC courses, BLS and ACLS and PALS courses. The difference between "a bum on a seat" or a functional individual on an ambulance is in the manner that they were educated. When you are tired of the same old boring courses come to us for a new way of learning.


At EMTG we don't just teach our learners CPR on any manikin, we use Brayden as the last PALS course participants (including yours truly) found out. Using the Brayden Baby we were able to truly hone our skills in infant and newborn resuscitation both through immediate real-time visible and audio feedback but then we could debrief with the instructor looking at our performance and seeing where we could improve.

When you are tired of the same-old courses come to EMTG. We don't just teach we educate with decades of experiences behind us. Come to a warm comfortable environment and learn in a non-threatening supportive environments.

Our students leave clinically prepared. We have 1 space left on our FREC 4 course starting Monday! If you want to learn, learn from us because someone's life may just depend on it.

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