PHTLS Hybrid Course. ELearning at its Most Convenient.

We are proud to announce our first PHTLS Hybrid course. This is the full NAEMT PHTLS course but only requires the Learner to be present at our Loudwater training centre for one day of skills checkoffs. Once you enroll in the course (Paramedics, AAPs, IHCD EMTs and FREC 5s) you will receive the online PHTLS package including the 9e PHTLS textbook, 9e PHTLS Course Manual and access to the online PHTLS learning package. The student completes the online component of the PHTLS course prior to the 1 day of skills checkoff. Upon completion of the online work the Learner takes the final PHTLS MCQ exam online (you are allowed 2 attempts) and presents the certificate of completion upon arrival at the skills testing.

Come and get your PHTLS with us for almost half the price of traditional 2-day courses. There are further discounts for this course if you visit the website. We offer course financing if you require. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to explore this option.

We will be providing an EMT Basic PHTLS version of the course later in the year for all of you ECAs, FREC 3s and FREC 4s. Keep an eye on the website for these dates.

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