Never Follow The Path Well Trodden

When we started EMTG we vowed not to follow the crowd. To do something different. To reach for the sky. Last week Prof Andy Newton and I found a away that allow UK Paramedics bridge the NREMT Paramedic program and obtain their Paramedic registration in the USA. We will also introduce them to several potential employers and help them once registered to obtain their green card. This has been 18 months of discovery, debate and generally hard graft with institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. Along the way we have picked up friends, made a few enemies, dealt with Walter Mitties and Andy has had his first introduction into Southern politics.

I believe that in the short time that we have existed, despite COVID-19 we have proved that we are not following the crowd. We will be moving indirections into territories others haven't even thought of. If you haven't, go back to the very first blog on our website! We are proud that you are aboard and keep your eyes open for what's coming next.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said;

"Do not go where the path may lead,

Go instead where there is no and leave a trail."

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