It is not your skill set, it's your ability to think critically....

I saw this post on LinkedIn and thought that I would share it.

"Paramedics are expected to use many pharmacological agents in order to save someone's life. They may need to make your heart beat faster, beat slower, or maybe just beat harder. They might need to administer an antidote for a drug overdose or maybe even put you to sleep and paralyze your breathing muscles in order to place a life-saving breathing tube in your windpipe! These medicines cannot be taught overnight and take years to gain the competence and confidence to administer them safely out in the field! Why? Because it's pretty easy to teach someone what these drugs are for....but it can take years to teach someone WHEN to use them. It is not the skill set that makes a paramedic, it is their ability to think critically...."

Justin Hunter, PhD(c), NRP Paramedicine Program Director at OSU-OKC

Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area

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