Intensive 1 Week Paramedic Review Course.

Emergency and Medical Training Group is proud to present these internationally recognised courses in one intense week. These courses may either be booked individually or as a complete set. To maximise convenience and keep learner costs down we are providing the

PALS, ACLS, PHTLS and AMLS courses in a hybrid format.

Having completed the didactic sections and summative MCQ exam for each course online the learner then attends a day (per course) of skills sessions and simulation at our training centre in High Wycombe. The centre has 2 immersive suites where simulation technology recreates

real-life scenarios to put our learners to the test. We have 2700 projectable walls (and floor) with touch interaction, scent dispersal, temperature controls and surround sound to give scenarios the realistic look and feel of actual events. CCTV records all skills sessions and simulations (even in the dark) for debriefing purposes and student self-evaluation. The centre also boasts skills labs and classrooms each set up with state-of-the-art

With plenty of free parking and a Premier Inn located less than a 5-minute walk away we are ideally located just off the M40 a few miles outside the M25. Learners have access to free WiFi throughout the facility and we have a kitchen on site. The facility

is completely wheelchair accessible.

So come and join us for an intense week of simulation training in trauma, paediatrics, advanced cardiac care, medical emergencies and EMS safety. This week is designed to work on your team leadership skills and communication as well as your hands on skills, clinical thinking and assessment-based management.

Each course will be taught by highly a experienced set of physician, nurse and Paramedic instructors from around the world including the UK, USA and Europe. We shall be using case studies from ReelDx (geriatric, adult, paediatric and neonate) with actual patient video and physician case review as well as skills labs and high-fidelity simulation in the immersive suites.

September Course Dates

AMLS Sept 20 £300 (25% discount if before 31/08/21)

PHTLS Sept 21 £300 (25% discount if before 31/08/21)

ACLS Sept 22 £500 (25% discount if before 31/08/21)

PALS Sept 23 £550 (25% discount if before 31/08/21)

EMS Safety Sept 24 £250 (25% discount if before 31/08/21)

Book all 5 courses and receive a 30% discount

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