I Wasn't Prepared For This........

A US Tactical SWAT Medic discusses his experiences on the teams. He talks about how a previous career as a chef inadvertently prepared him in becoming a Paramedic and subsequently a Tactical Medic.

He holds a frank and open discussion on whether Tactical Medics should be armed or not exploring all the controversies that subject evokes.

During the interview he talks about strategies to de-escalate volatile situations and the use of both physical and chemical restraint on mental health patients in crisis. He discusses the pitfalls of these options and their ease of abuse.

He is very open in relation to his own mental health and vulnerability in the job. He talks of his experiences and emotions after responding to the line-of-duty death of a co-worker.

This interview provides great insight into the world of a Tactical Medic and coping with both the physical and emotional stresses of the job.

This is a fascinating look into a world that is seldom seen and is well worth the listening time if you can afford it. I am sure that if you have spent any time in emergency medicine (both hospital and prehospital) you will identify with much of his commentary in this often funny but very poignant interview.


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