Humility is our armour, knowledge and wisdom are our shield.

"Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) remains the gold standard of education for emergency medical assessment and treatment." NAEMT website.

We are offering an NAEMT hybrid Advanced Medical Life Support course on April 21st. The less sexy younger brother to the NAEMT PHTLS course, AMLS is now in hybrid form requiring only 1 day at the training centre for patient simulation.

Learners take the online 8 hour section of the course at their own pace prior to course attendance. This is the most learner friendly way to take the AMLS course.

Both the textbook and the elearning package are included in the course price.

Book online at the website now and secure your place.

Pain, suffering and death are our enemies

Humility is our armour

Knowledge and wisdom are our shield

Therapeutic intervention our sword.

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