Emergency Medical Training and Crisis Resource Management.

Team training is an essential component of all our courses at EMTG. It is directed towards optimising teamwork, communication, leadership and other aspects of crisis resource management. Multiple studies have demonstrated that standardised team training as a supplement enhances team dynamics and communication and may contribute to an improvement in technical skills. Training that focuses on the communication and interpersonal skills required for teams to work as a coordinated unit can have a potentially positive impact on patient outcomes.

Resuscitation of the trauma or medical patient relies upon multiple providers working together to coordinate delivery of time-sensitive therapies, making teamwork and leadership indispensable components of providing optimal care. We at EMTG include a broad range of educational strategies (eg video modules, simulation) and outcome measures (eg, quality of communication and adherence to recommended advanced life support practices) in our FREC and NAEMT courses.

To learn more about the team training elements of our courses please feel free to contact us.

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