Death Has a Smell Paramedics Know All Too Well.....

This article will have many of you nodding your heads and smiling. What I would like to focus on is the following statement;

"Of the five senses, smell has to be the one that links to memory the best. A hint of popcorn may send your mind back to that first date so many years ago or burning rubber on a fan belt puts you back in the driver‘s seat of that race car you used to, well…race.

Odors call up memories quickly and powerfully."

This why we use them in our simulation suite. From the faint smell of a UTI to the stench of a burning aircraft we use the powerful sense of smell to add to the Learner's experience. Once we add the smell of the TUBE, a breeze that we recognise upon its approach and 270 degree projection we provide insitu training. We get a lot of positive feedback from our students but the smell is by far the most commented on. Come and take a course with us and experience the simulation suite.....

The Tube In Our Simsuite

The perfect place for a trauma or cardiac arrest simulation

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