Competence is more often shown by quiet deliberateness than by noisy bravado.

How often have we heard the mantra "first do no harm" or, to use the Latin phrase "primum non nocere"? We have probably quoted it on more than one occasion ourselves. What about applying that principle before we even reach the patient? For those that missed yesterday's webinar Flipping OFF the Switch on HOT Emergency Vehicle Responses here it is.

It makes for some hard listening to these old Paramedic ears but why is no one talking about this over here? Anyone in ambulance service management (especially risk management) both private and NHS has surely an ethical and morale response to address this issue?

This is obviously a health and safety issue that puts the workforce and the general public we serve at risk.

Those of us that have spent any time on the 999 EMS frontlines have known this yet have remained quiet. If you have spent a significant amount of time in EMS you probably know of at least one person or event that resulted in a death while responding emergency to a call.

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