At EMTG We Train Successful Resuscitation Teams.

Successful team dynamics are critical during any resuscitation attempt. The interaction between team members has a great impact on individual performance as well as patient outcome. The better the team functions the better the potential outcome for your patient.

It is not just important to understand what to do but how to communicate during resuscitation attempts whether a team member or team leader.

The best resuscitation teams not only have medical expertise and mastery of medical skills but practice good communication skills and adhere to the principles of effective team dynamics. This allows the team to function at maximum efficiency.

Effective team dynamics can be divided into 3 categories.

  • Roles

  • What to communicate

  • How to communicate

At EMTG we incorporate effective team dynamics and crew resource management into all our simulation training. We strongly believe that this element is essential in order to improve our patients' outcomes. After each simulation we debrief not only the team leader but the entire team. This approach has been deeply ingrained into all our PHTLS courses with great success.

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