AI, Virtual Gaming, Feedback Manikins And That's Just For a FREC 3!

Our latest FREC 3 students just worked through 2 consecutive weekends of FREC 3. We used virtual gaming for their resuscitation training which gave them a debrief after each attempt allowing them to prioritise and "lead virtual" cardiac arrests. They also used the Virtual Reality Patient Communicator Simulator to hone their patient communication skills. They received instant feedback on their performance and at each new attempt with their Virtual Patient there was marked improvement. We will now be moving from the Virtual classroom to the real classroom next weekend. They will be practicing what they learned in the virtual classroom into reality in our 270 degree simulation suites, skills labs, simulated ambulance and classrooms packed with the latest AV equipment. Not only will they be able to see their performance as we record every scenario but they will be debriefed by one of our highly experienced instructors. All cardiac arrest scenarios will be performed on Brayden Manikins (adult and infant). This allows us to give the students feedback through the Brayden App (Blue Toothed to each manikin) upon their performance including compression rate, depth, compression release, chest compression fraction, tidal volume and force of ventilation. We will be really emphasising team dynamics including clear communication (using feedback loop coms). We will train them in roles, what to communicate and how to communicate.

It's time to expect more from your training provider........

We really want to thank Mark Cooke for all his support at Sim and Skills.

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