Active Simulation & Debriefings Empower Students to Take Ownership of Their Education & Training.

"In a session at EMS World Expo, Kroboth discussed the benefits of combining the flipped classroom model with sensory cues, active simulation and stratified debriefings to empower students to take ownership of their education and training."

Here at the training centre we utilise every aspect of the methods of simulation training mentioned br Dr. Nicole M. Volpi PhD, NREMT ( ). The training centre with its simulation suites are able to provide insitu simulations (270 degree projection, surround sound, smell, ALSi monitors, and life-like high fidelity manikins) that can be specifically designed to meet the learners' needs. We use deliberate practise and mastery learning coupled with structured debriefs after every simulation. Our instructors are all Paramedics with decades of experience in the field and in EMS education. All we do is EMS training so when you are looking for a course that is brought to you by the professionals, you need look no further than EMTG. What can we do for you today? We specialise in hybrid, distance and blended learning, we even offer course financing! Contact us today and see what we can do for you and your staff.

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