A Stable Workforce Starts with Selection

Although 6 years ago this still remains relevant today. We have unacceptable levels of depression and suicide in our profession. The "ten foot high and bullet proof" attitude still pervades even today. As we are placed under more pressure operationally we need to make sure that those coming into the profession are both physically and mentally ready for the rigours of a career in EMS. Selection of candidates should be intensive to ensure mental stability and that they have the educational and emotional arsenal to meet the requirements of the job. Too often I have met individuals that joined our ranks to fill some void in their own life only to find that it was not the answer. Emotional and mental stability infused with an anti-fragile attitude are essential in the selection of our future Paramedics and EMTs and I just don't see it out there. Many may hear the call but few chosen. Ethically the "bums on seats" attitude of selection is not only wrong it can seriously damage people. A physically and mentally strong EMS workforce starts with selection. How we support them after that is another matter and can be discussed/debated in the future.


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