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Our Charity Work

There to make a difference

We proudly support The Community HeartBeat Trust and undertake training for them on a voluntary basis. We are passionate about the work that The Community HeartBeat Trust undertakes by empowering people to be able to make a difference.

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The Community HeartBeat Trust

The UK's leading Community Defibrillator Charity

The Community Heartbeat Trust is the leading UK based organisation promoting defibrillators in rural communities. Establishing a community based defibrillator is challenging. You have to have the right governance, equipment, awareness programmes, check all liability issues, raise funds, and make sure it is registered correctly with the ambulance Services, and address long term support issues. It is tempting just to look at the internet and ask why some suppliers appear to be cheaper.

The reality is that the most cost effective way to undertake a community based project is working with CHT. Over the 10 year life of a community project, CHT can work out 30% cheaper than other routes that appear to have a low start up cost! We are the only specialists in this important area, and the only one that offers a complete, holistic and safe solution…….and we are ‘not for profit’!                             

- Martin Fagan, National Secretary

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