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Hero Paws

Hero Paws

Life after service for working dogs

Set up by Angie, Amber, Jaime and Sam, four military personnel (an Army reserve medic and 3 former Army dog handlers), Hero Paws is a non profit organisation trying to provide military working dogs with happy retirements through rehabilitation and retraining. By setting up Hero Paws, these amazing women are looking to help give working dogs a safe and happy retirement after their service.

Their aim is simple... to set up a sanctuary where working dogs can come to de-stress and prepare for life as a pet. Once this has been achieved they will endeavour to match the right dog with the right home, no matter how long it takes. Once these great dogs have been resettled, Hero Paws maintains a Twitter Page for these retired hounds to share their stories of how life is on "Civi Street" and how they have landed on all four paws!!

We are supporting Hero Paws in helping them to reach their goal of raising money to be able to open their rehabilitation and re-homing centre. They are currently going through the process to gain their Charity status. For more information and to find out how to become a part of their fundraising efforts, please click on the link below.

Happy retirements through rehabilitation and retraining

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Providing a safe place for former military dogs to retire to and, when suitable, put them into a family environment.